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Waking Dreams – Etched

Waking Dreams' first single is called Etched. ‘Etched’ is both the debut single from Waking Dreams and a statement of intent.

The cross-continental duo intend to carve their unique brand of Indie pop rock right into your mind.


Jason Letkiewicz’s delicate spidery guitar lines wrapped in the deep pulse of rich bass lines that are held aloft by the dirty boot stomp of steady drums, while Angela Chamber’s haunting, yet mystical vocals envelop the track in a psychedelic haze.


Waking Dreams are breathing fresh life into the tired bones of indie rock and inviting listeners to join them on a journey into some shadowy new spaces on a hypnotic wave of moods.

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Waking Dreams - Askew


It’s a well-known fact that most long-distance relationships don’t work out. And when they do, it’s because they’re special, verging on meant-to-be. Waking Dreams is a one such musical pact, beating the odds to survive and thrive across continents. 


Angela Chambers and Jason Letkiewicz met while both were living in NYC. They hit it off straight away, bonding over a shared love of electronic music and classic rock. Making music together was the next logical step, and so they started writing songs and collaborating. Soon after, Angela decided to move to Berlin. About a year later Jason also moved to Berlin and soon after they began writing and recording new material.

What had evolved slowly across a distance suddenly exploded given the right proximity. The results fizzed with creativity and the intense writing and recording sessions resulted in ‘Askew’, a truly stunning debut album. Angela’s powerful, velvet-wrapped vocals are propelled along by tribalistic drums and layers of floating melodic guitar lines.


At times, the music feels ethereal, almost mystical, shrouded in an early morning haze. It has electronic elements at its core, while still coming from a richer and deeper songwriting tradition. In terms of references, Fleetwood Mac, Opal and Bat for Lashes come to mind and create a good hook to hang from.


Now the duo are ready to take their kismetic relationship to the next level, releasing the album via NYC-based label Touch Your Life Records on June 1st, 2020. Waking Dreams are living proof that when the music is meant to be, things will find a way to work out.

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